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Train for more.

"A great coach will improve how much quality work athletes can produce, not the quantity of poor work. It’s not an easy task, but once you find the appropriate stress/recovery response your athletes can handle, skill development will continually improve." - Some legend

This is our story

We exist for athletes to improve that bit more.

Athletes training 'needs' change overtime. Training age, fitness level, sport demands and time of the season influence optimal training loads and recoverability. Without high level support it can become difficult to know how to train. Our primary focus is on innovation, education and guidance to equip athletes with the necessary tools to prepare and perform at their best. No matter what their training circumstances.

We're a passionate and committed team that works with sporting clubs, teams and athletes to achieve more from their training. We do this by focusing on innovative products and high quality athlete resources.  

Our flagship product personalises the delivery of professional conditioning training to teams and athletes. We achieve this through incorporating Maximal Aerobic Speed Training to guide athletes across interval training sessions on their phone. The app supports teams to deliver the optimal training stimulus to each athletes fitness level throughout the season. The app tests and records athlete MAS scores to track and improve overtime.

We are also inspired to produce high quality athlete resources. The resources provide insights from professional coaches working with athletes in physical preparation. The resources are designed to support athletes without the means to high quality coach support. It's actionable advice athletes can rely on.

Everyday, we're searching for new ways to innovate and deliver high quality products and resources to clubs, teams and athletes. We'll continue to deliver for athletes that want to improve that bit more.  

This is your Training Journey

We believe the moment an athlete starts training, they begin a journey. The nature of the journey depends on the steps taken and the high level of support received along the way. We are here to provide a high level of support.

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The MAS Runner team is passionate about building the world’s most supported community of athletes to achieve more. We are committed to our mission, our athletes and each other.

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